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Beamon Dental periodically will add new articles to this page that address our patients' Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

These (linked) blogs offer the latest information in dental care from Dr. Beamon and top national dental sources.

Dr Vernon Beamon treats dental patient.

                        Subject                                                                    Headline      

          DENTAL FILLINGS                                  Choose Composite or Amalgam Fillings?

          TOOTHACHES                                           Be Ready for Your Next Toothache!

           IMPLANTS - BRIDGES - PARTIAL DENTURES         Know Your Tooth Replacement Options

        GUM DISEASE                                          Unhealthy Gums Make An Unhealthy Body

        DRY MOUTH                                    Dry Mouth Can Be a Mouthful of Dental Problems

        WISDOM TEETH                              Get Smart About Wisdom Teeth Removal

        SUDDEN TEETH SENSITIVITY       Dental Solutions: When Many or All Teeth Suddenly Hurt!

          DENTAL NUTRITION                          Help Your Teeth Last a Lifetime with Dental Nutrition

          PROTECT YOUR ENAMEL               Are You Accidentally Eroding Your Tooth Enamel?

        PROPER BRUSHING                       Cavities Are Telltale Signs of Improper Brushing

           MOUTHWASH                                            It Is Time To Hire A Modern Mouthwash!

           BABY TEETH                                            Caring for Baby's Teeth & Gums, from Birth, Helps a Lifetime

        PREGNANCY ALERTS                    Expectant Mothers May Face New Dental Problems

                                                                  (Some Are Dangerous to the Fetus)

          DENTAL COSTS                                   aWatch Weight, aDress 4 Success — aFix Your Teeth!

          INSURANCE                                           Dental Insurance May Relieve Gnawing Worries

          PAY WITH CareCredit                         Beamon Dental Makes Top Dentistry Affordable