Gum Disease

 Unhealthy Gums Make An Unhealthy Body

gum diseasegum disease


Treat gum disease seriously. Gum disease is not some side note in your dental condition. It is an indicator of your overall health. It even can contribute to illnesses ranging from heart disease to diabetes.

There are two types of gum disease, known as periodontal disease. It behooves you to know about them. They can be as important as your two front teeth!

Gum disease can be a symptom as well as a cause of such major medical issues as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, respiratory disease, osteoporosis, and/or a poor pregnancy, according to the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) and other medical sources.

Dentist Vernon Beamon, D.M.D., of Gulfport said, “I like to talk to my patients about the symptoms of periodontal disease – which include: history of bad breath that will not go away, tender or bleeding gums, red or swollen gums, painful chewing, receding gums or teeth that appear to have gotten longer.”

Dr. Beamon also stressed. “There is a direct correlation” between gum diseaseand the serious medical problems

mentioned. “It’s very important to visit the dentist for regular cleanings and to have the hygienist clean the areas of the teeth that are not accessible to normal brushing.”

There are two types of gum disease:

 Gingivitis affects only the gums, meaning the soft tissue that surrounds the teeth.

♦ Periodontitis is more serious. This disease spreads below the gums and damages the tissues and bones that support the teeth.

According to the AAP, Inflammation may be the medical problem that links gum diseases with other diseases. Thus, treating inflammation may not only help manage periodontal diseases, it may help treat other chronic inflammatory conditions. Bacteria historically was thought the be the culprit.

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