Making Wisdom Tooth Removal Easier on You

Your last set of molars will typically emerge during your late teens or early twenties. These are your wisdom teeth. If a wisdom tooth is emerging at an angle, and not straight through, that tooth is impacted.

An impacted wisdom tooth can be painful since the tooth may come in unevenly or it may only partially emerge. Additionally, it can cause structural damage to your jaw and other teeth. If you are having an immediate problem with your wisdom teeth, we will try to get you in the same day.

Wisdom Teeth Diagram

Dr. Vernon Beamon has special continuing education on wisdom teeth extraction methods. In addition to his advanced training, he also has extensive experience using the special equipment needed to perform wisdom teeth extractions. He utilizes the latest extraction methods combined with leading-edge technology to remove wisdom teeth in a gentle way that causes minimal post-operative discomfort and promotes fast healing.